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Bridge Student Ministry

Bridge Student Ministries is our youth group here at The Bridge. We are focused on helping 7th-12th graders grow in their faith, have a community where they feel they can belong, and have a ton of fun in the process. We meet every Thursday from 6pm-9pm at the church! You can expect to find a mixture of fun games and activities, small groups, and a short message. All youth are welcome!

Iron Workers Men's Fellowship

Iron Workers Men's Fellowship meets every Saturday at

9 AM at The Bridge. Men of God join us for a morning of fellowship and encouragement as we build up one another and unite to expand His Kingdom. 

Grace for the Journey

Chaplain Jan Burnett leads this ministry that meets the needs of our elders with visits, Bible studies, church services, video devotionals, communion, gifts, greeting cards, as well as providing Scripture, activity books and so much more for the most valuable and vulnerable members of our society. Ministering to and recognition of the value of the facilities’ staff members is also an important part of the work.

Bridge Kids

Bridge Kids is a high-energy interactive learning experience. With games, music, illustrated lessons, prizes, and more this is a time your kids don't want to miss! They will explore Scripture chronologically and see where they fit in The Big God Story with hands-on age appropriate activities. We will create opportunities for your child to respond and grow in the Holy Spirit. 

R.E.A.L Women's Ministry

We are REAL women who live a REAL life while serving a REAL God.

In all our events we involve:

R- Relationships

E- Encouragement

A- Accountability

L- Laughter

Junior Bible Quiz

With Junior Bible Quiz, there is no reason to choose between kids having a blast and a robust Bible-based program. With over 30 years of proven ministry success; Junior Bible Quiz is the go-to resource for helping kids learn God’s Word and build a faith that lasts a lifetime. 

Start getting your kids excited about the Bible!

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